Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago


Langdon D. Neal, Chairman
Richard A. Cowen, Secretary/Commissioner
Marisel A. Hernandez, Commissioner

Lance Gough, Executive Director
Kelly Bateman, Asst. Executive Director

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Chicago Ward & Aldermanic Directory

New Citywide ward map (effective Nov. 2012)  (See below for maps of individual wards with street-level detail.)

Old Citywide ward map (March 2002-March 2012)  (See below for maps of individual wards with street-level details.)

Click here to see lists of the Wards & Precincts that are covered by each State, Federal and Judicial district.

Starting with the Nov. 2012 General Election, the new ward maps went into effect for determining voting wards and precincts.

Click on any Chicago Ward to view a map of the ward or to find contact information for the Alderman in that Ward.

To find ward, precinct and other voting information for your address, click here and enter your simplified address and last name. There, you will find your Election Day polling place, a list of your public officials and related information.

1st Ward

11th Ward 

 21st Ward

31st Ward

41st Ward

2nd Ward

12th Ward

 22nd Ward

32nd Ward

42nd Ward

3rd Ward 

13th Ward

 23rd Ward

33rd Ward

43rd Ward 

4th Ward

14th Ward

 24th Ward

34th Ward

44th Ward

5th Ward 

15th Ward

 25th Ward

35th Ward

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