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Langdon D. Neal, Chairman
Richard A. Cowen, Secretary/Commissioner
Marisel A. Hernandez, Commissioner

Lance Gough, Executive Director
Kelly Bateman, Asst. Executive Director

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Absentee Voting/Voting By Mail

Absentee Voting in Person at the Election Board
Any qualified voter may cast an absentee ballot in person in the offices of the Board of Election Commissioners the Sunday or Monday before the election. In-Person Absentee Voting will be offered at 69 W. Washington St. on the Lower Level:

       Sunday, March 16 - 9 a.m. to noon

       Monday, March 17 - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The deadline for filing to have an absentee ballot sent by mailed to a voter has now passed. If you have received an absentee ballot, you must return it with a postmark of March 17 or earlier. Any ballot that has a postmark of March 17 or earlier can be received through April 1 and still be counted.

Military/Civilian Overseas Voters
Click here for more information on voting for members of the armed services and civilians living overseas.

Absentee Voting: For Physical Disability
Certain voters may also qualify for special additional absentee voting privileges as explained below.

Five-Year DVI Card 
A voter with a permanent physical disability or a qualified nursing home resident may request a Disabled Voter's Identification Card (DVI), which is valid for all elections during a five-year period. The voter is automatically sent an absentee ballot application by the Board prior to each election. The voter must complete the DVI application and return it to the Board in order to receive an absentee ballot.

Residents of Licensed Nursing Homes
Voters residing in licensed nursing homes vote on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday preceding an election. Residents who are registered voters and who submit an absentee ballot application by the Thursday before the election are allowed to vote during the scheduled nursing home balloting. For complete information on nursing home voting procedures, contact the Board at 1-312-269-7865.

Hospitalized Voters
A registered voter who is hospitalized not more than 14 days before an election may request that an absentee ballot be delivered in person to him or her in the hospital. An affidavit must be completed by the voter, his or her attending physician, and the relative (or registered voter of the same precinct) who delivers the absentee ballot to the hospital. Contact the Absentee Department at 1-312-269-7967 for complete details on these procedures.

Absentee Voting Abuse
It is a felony in Illinois to vote more than once in the same election or to attempt to vote more than once in the same election.

Falsifying Eligibility for Absentee Ballots, Intimidation/Interference
Persons who knowingly make a false statement concerning their eligibility to vote absentee may be criminally prosecuted under Illinois law (10ILCS 5/29-10). Any person who intimidates or unduly influences another person to cast an absentee ballot in a manner inconsistent with the voter's intent or who marks or tampers with an absentee ballot of another person shall be guilty of a Class 4 felony. Note: A physically incapacitated voter is entitled to assistance if that voter requests the assistance. Voters are forbidden by law from using multiple voting systems (Early Voting and Absentee Voting, for example) to change or undo a ballot for any reason.